Racists Anonymous – New 12 Step Group

Racism: Ignore It … and it won’t go away.

Is it any wonder that despite racism’s dogged persistence, almost no one admits to being a “racist?” Isn’t doing something radically new, civilized, and effective long overdue? R.A. originator Ron Buford thinks we are all a bit racist.

It’s time to pull the cover off racism rather than blaming each other and trying to figure out which of us is the most racist. Can we rid the nation and perhaps the world of racism? Let’s build an infectious movement of people who will pledge their lives by: Being mindful of our own racism; being mindful of our powerlessness to rid ourselves of racism without each other; and consciously turning it over to the higher power.

Please join us on Wednesdays at 7pm. Please contact the church office at (707) 745-0674 or email secretary@cccucc.org with any questions.