Core Values

In 2011 Community Congregational Church entered into a process we called futureing, we took a long hard look at who we are and what we were about.  After extensive discernment, home meetings, community gatherings we identify our Core Values.

United Church of Christ, of Benicia

These are our Core Values Approved on June 26, 2011, by a unanimous vote of the congregation.
As followers of Christ, we value:

Community:    No matter who you are, or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.
•    Welcoming.
•    Being responsible stewards of our church resources.
•    Planning for change and growth.
•    Celebrating diversity and inclusiveness
•    Being open and affirming.
•    Honoring Congregational governance.
•    Enjoying joy and fun by celebrating life with others.
•    Caring for each other.
•    Investing in people of all ages.
•    Actively supporting and involving our Youth.
•    Providing an emotionally and physically safe environment.

Spiritual life:     We take the Bible too seriously to take it literally.
•    Being inspired by the Still-speaking God.
•    Providing a Bible-guided education and worship.
•    Emphasizing meaningful worship.
•    Providing a music ministry.
•    Valuing intellectual stimulation.
•    Respecting doubts.
•    Encouraging questions.

Discipleship in action:  Justice isn’t about “Just Us”
•    Pursuing justice in our community, nation and world.
•    Acting as Christ’s hands and voices in the world.
•    Engaging the faith community.
•    Honoring God’s creation.

Once we identified our Core Values,
we went on to create our Mission Statement,
click here to check it out.